Tourism plans of U.S.A government

March 25th, 2010

The tourism plans of U.S.A government begin from the border security and aim at assurance of security management as well as the protection of their heritage. A special attention would be paid on trade and tourism support and special packages would come in view that will include the entire demo of tourism in U.S.A with proper guides of places to visit. All the complaints of the tourists regarding tourism here would be given respect and we will soon come upto their expectations says the president of public affairs.
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Increased security for tourists coming to U.S.A

March 12th, 2010

Though the increased security for tourists coming to U.S.A has affected the tourism economy of the country yet the tourism agency of the country believes that tourism benefits are nowhere as compared to the security of the nation. Geoff freeman the vice president of U.S.A for public affairs says that security will remain tight and we are permitting few visitors regularly.
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January 29th, 2010

The travel promotion act which is on the minds of the senate to be passed soon would give a rise to revenues received by the tourism industry by approximately $200 million. It has been presented in front of the congress the last week and was introduced to the House of Representatives last year. A decision is expected soon for the same and then the money received will be invested on trade shows and further advertisements.
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Brand style clothing online

January 25th, 2010

Nowadays thousands of people shop for brand style clothing online. There are several reasons they look for something special in the net. First of all they save time. It is possible to have a quick review of the latest fashion trends in the net. Most of online shops deliver items all over the world. There is a wide choice of brand clothing stores offering not only clothes but shoes and accessories. According to 2009 online shopping statistics more and more people shop without leaving their homes. They prefer to spend free time with children or at work instead of spending hours in stores.
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January 13th, 2010

An increase in the people visiting to America has been seen since the start of the period of recession. People are taking advantage of the reduced rates of hotels and restaurants due to the recession. With prices at a record low Britain is inviting more and more people. Hotels attract tourists with offers like free night’s stay and low room rates under budget packages  along with airlines offering cheap airline tickets.
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Tourism In America Expecting Boost of $200 Million

November 13th, 2009

If the Travel Promotion act is passed by the Senate as is the likely outcome the tourist industry is set to receive a boost of $200 million. Initially introduced to Congress last week after the House of Representatives passed it down last year, a decision will soon be reached. The money would be spent on trade shows, as well as more traditional online and media advertisements.
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Increase In Tourists To America

October 30th, 2009

Due to the recession American restaurants and hotels have cut their prices drastically, leading to more and more people to visiting the US. The British pound hit US$1.60 and is encouraging travelers hit hard by the crisis to visit while prices are at an all time low. Many airlines have started selling budget fares, with hotels often providing deals in which tourists will receive low room rates and a free night’s stay. In the first quarter of 2009 travelers spent US$11 billion on Visa cards, down from US $12.9 billion in the first quarter of 2008.
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Tourism Promotion Act – 2009

October 16th, 2009

The Senate is marked to reconsider a vote on the closure of the Tourism Promotion Act of 2009. If passed, another government entity would be created; a corporation funded by foreign tourists. It would be used to promote travel to the United States. Promoting tourism is a vital part of America’s economy, but many feel the government shout stick to it’s other responsibilities in the field, such as the Visa Waiver Program. In 2008 tourists spent $100 billion on their visits to the United States.
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Tropical Tourism In America

October 2nd, 2009

For tropical tourism in American visit the island of Oahu in Hawaii. This island is the perfect place to bring your teenagers for a vacation. The beaches are the main attraction but the resorts, hotels, and spas are worth coming for alone. Of course there is hula shows, but there are festivals as well. Other attractions are snorkeling, swimming with dolphin, and watching sea turtles. For the land lovers you can go horse back riding.
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Facts About Tourism In America

September 24th, 2009

Tourism in America is popular because the United States offers such a great amount of variety. From the beaches of Florida, and California to the glaciers of Alaska there is something for everyone. Rivers, mountains, great plains, and deserts can all be found in America. On the Southern border of America is Mexico. To the north lies Canada. In the Pacific there are the U.S. Hawaiian islands. You will find America has everything you are looking for.
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