How I changed my mind on America

Recently, I’ve been to America as a tourist and decided to visit my old friends in California. We had some drinks, went downtown, and talked a lot about life in America. I always thought that Americans are all wealthy and carefree, when it comes to their work. Finally, America is regarded as the wealthiest nation for a reason – that was what I thought. My friend opened my eyes, when he informed me about what really is going on in the job market there.
I thought that every citizen with a degree has a stable job from the very beginning. Actually, lots of graduated people with bachelor, master and even doctor degrees lose their jobs and face extreme difficulties with finding a new one. Many of those highly graduated, experienced and formerly highly paid professionals are forced to take over temporary jobs like waiting tables, driving cabs, flower bed edging and other garden services for the lady next door and others. Often, those temporary jobs become permanent. That was the point, when my prejudice about wealthy Americans disappeared.
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